Just Sketch Me

As mobile becomes more and more prominent, many clients require more mobile-friendly and adaptable iterations of their existing web-based applications. This is the case with digital character and digital dummy/mannequin model-posing app, JustSketchMe, who’s mobile app implementation by Enamic.io has hit over 23,000 downloads, and growing with an average of over 7,000 monthly downloads since launching in October 2021.
Just Sketch Me
October 2021

Case Study

Adjusting accordingly

The adaptable and flexible platform that allows you to manipulate and adjust 3D character models in order to assist with design, drawing inspiration and referencing, along with digital creations, while impressive, needed more mobile-oriented functionality and a proprietary mobile app for iOS devices - which has become a staple and must-have, especially in the design, creative, architecture, and drawing industries.The challenge of adapting something like JustSketchMe, is that the platform is essentially a digital drawing pad, requiring pinpoint accuracy and dynamic controls, which when replicated onto mobile, need to be adjusted accordingly for gesture inputs. The backbone of the web application adapts well to a mobile environment, but a more comprehensive and flexible subscription service was needed to enhance the experience. The challenge of keeping the in-app experience the same, recreating the accessibility of the desktop version, and maintaining the visual experience without hindering the usability was key for the users to go through the subscription process seamlessly.

Setting the scene

Furthermore, having its own proprietary app, we were able to implement a subscription model into JustSketchMe, one which ticks all the boxes of Apple’s App Store requirements. Helping to sync web, Android, and iOS apps with a flexible and personalised subscription model, we utilised Revenue Cat, which allowed for a reliable and stable in-app purchase infrastructure, analytics, data integrations and more, so that the JustSketchMe team could track and manage their users’ subscriptions with ease.This integrated and easy-to-use subscription model has allowed JustSketchMe to garner over 600 active subscribers, who all have access to various tiers of JustSketchMe’s features adjusted for their needs and budget. The subscriber base is growing monthly too, thanks to the ease of sign-up and flexible pricing packages that the subscription model has provided. The built-in functionality of the subscription element also allows users to sign-up, select their desired package, upgrade, and pay all without leaving the JustSketchMe app, which provides a more streamlined approach to the user journey.

The subscription feature is further tied into the user’s Apple Subscription account, giving the users the power and ease of access to view, manage, and adjust their JustSketchMe subscription, alongside their other favourite apps, streaming services, and downloaded tools. Enamic.io was able to consolidate the existing subscription system with the iOS-specific platform, allowing it all to be managed and viewed in one spot. An integrated licensing system further allows users to transfer between devices or different operating systems without losing their account of subscription.

Coming to life

An enhanced feature that Enamic.io built into the JustSketchMe platform is the ability to export your creations, which can then be used in other programs or settings. The feature to export designs from the iOS app on an iPhone or iPad, for example, can then be transferred into another desktop application or another device, giving multi-device cross-compatibility to the experience. 3D objects and models can also be imported into JustSketchMe, giving users who are operating multiple modelling and graphics arts tools the ability to move their projects from one app or platform to another.

The perfect pose

Since launch, the feedback from users, who now have access to the JustSketchMe platform via the Apple App Store, has been extremely positive. Providing the dedicated mobile element, enhanced subscription layering, and exporting and importing features has helped JustSketchMe reach a wealth of new users with varying needs.

You can check out the official JustSketchMe website, along with the JustSketchMe app on the Apple App Store.

"Enamic is a pleasure to work with. We managed to get the JustSketchMe iOS app launched on the App Store on time and within budget. They are knowledgable, professional, and a great communicators; and I highly recommend him for any project or work that needs doing well."

Just Sketch Me