You think it, we build it

Enamic is committed to turning your ideas, big or small, into reality with scalable, efficient solutions that prioritize functionality and align with your budget. We provide tailored software support and development expertise to save time and resources, avoiding the need for in-house hiring or unsuitable contracts. Our focus is on innovation and customization to enhance existing systems or develop new solutions to meet your specific needs.

Custom Software Support & Development

Who are we?

Whether you’re looking to do a big-scale project or develop a smaller business idea, Enamic can help bring those ideas to life in an affordable, scalable, and pragmatic way, where functionality and efficiency is prioritised, while keeping your budget in mind.

Enamic can save you time and money by providing you custom software support and development skills, alleviating the need for you to hire someone in-house or entering into a contract that doesn’t suit your needs. We’re all about building and innovating according to your needs, whether it be updating and customising an existing system, creating something from scratch, or anything in-between.

Our services

We focus on scalable solutions, ensuring your project gets the right resources without unnecessary costs. With direct communication and project management, we cut out the middleman. By integrating the latest tech, we future-proof your project, making it user-friendly and cost-effective.

Cloud Solutions

We can build your digital infrastructure with the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS). We can manage and scale your databases and servers, whilst improving your security, all at a lower cost.

Web Development

From custom chatbots and CRM systems, to mobile apps and database directories, we can custom develop your ideal project using an approach that makes your business unique and proprietary.

Backend Development

Great apps are built on the backbone of efficient backend development, integration, and maintenance. With a focus on security and efficiency, we ensure that your business runs on a smooth and well-functioning tech foundation.

Directus Partner
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Automation boosts business productivity by streamlining repetitive tasks and reducing manual processes, minimizing errors, and saving time. This efficiency allows employees to focus on strategic activities, enhancing overall operations. Improved accuracy and quicker response times lead to better resource management, increased profitability, and a competitive edge.

Case Studies

What we have built and who have we built it for

Platters iOS App

Since 1980, Platter's hardcover book has been the winelover's essential guide to exploring the world of South African wine, including reviews of over 8,000 wines by a team of expert judges and key information about more than 900 wine producers. This app is “Platter's in your pocket", with the latest wine descriptions and ratings, plus updated winelands travel information at your fingertips.

Just Sketch Me

As mobile becomes more and more prominent, many clients require more mobile-friendly and adaptable iterations of their existing web-based applications. This is the case with digital character and digital dummy/mannequin model-posing app, JustSketchMe, who’s mobile app implementation by has hit over 23,000 downloads, and growing with an average of over 7,000 monthly downloads since launching in October 2021.

Vanguard and Systematix

Systematix, a custom software solution for a rigging company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We built a web application that allows the sales team to handle quotes, client, branch and contact data all from a web interface using a platform called Directus in NodeJS. To take the product to the next level we further incorporated micro services using Swift and AWS Lambda for serverless computing.

Old Mutual Advisor

In collaboration with Pure Survey, we've enhanced the Old Mutual Advisor iOS application to streamline operations for the sales team. The app provides access to essential information, enables goal setting and monitoring, and facilitates client interactions. It also offers features for tracking unpaid debits, gamifying sales to boost motivation, and scanning documents for financial and medical data. Additionally, sales staff can easily access internal documentation, and attend conferences with seamless check-in and out capabilities for events, speakers, and venues.
"Enamic is a pleasure to work with. We managed to get the JustSketchMe iOS app launched on the App Store on time and within budget. They are knowledgable, professional, and a great communicators; and I highly recommend him for any project or work that needs doing well."

Just Sketch Me

"Enamic worked closely with us to understand our business and the project requirements, designing and developing software to meet our individual needs and streamline our internal processes.The project was managed efficiently with regular communication and updates."


Over the last few years, we have been working closely with Enamic and have time and again been impressed by the professional manner in which projects have been delivered and the smooth process for our varying IOS projects. Thanks for all the hard work!

Pure Survey