Directus Partner

Directus offers a powerful, headless CMS that can significantly enhance your business operations by providing a flexible and efficient back office solution.

With Directus, you can quickly set up a robust data management system, streamlining content management and API creation without the need for extensive coding. Its intuitive interface and customizable extensions enable rapid development and deployment, allowing your team to focus on building innovative solutions rather than managing infrastructure.

Additionally, Directus integrates seamlessly with various databases and services, ensuring a scalable and adaptable platform that can grow with your business needs. This accelerates software development cycles, reduces time-to-market, and enhances overall productivity.

Vanguard and Systematix

Systematix, a custom software solution for a rigging company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We built a web application that allows the sales team to handle quotes, client, branch and contact data all from a web interface using a platform called Directus in NodeJS. To take the product to the next level we further incorporated micro services using Swift and AWS Lambda for serverless computing.